4 Awesome Pool Decking Designs

Pool with set of chairs

When it comes to pool decking Los Angeles designs, two remain as the timeless essential factors – pleasing aesthetic and enhanced functions.


It could become a challenging task to design the pool decks that will coincide with the current trend. Either you will formulate a new perspective or recycle old trends. Both approaches are tricky and might sacrifice your pool’s aesthetic.

Pool with set of chairs
Watch out! Here are updated pool deck designs for the re-emergence of the New Stone Age exterior design.

4 Pool Deck Design to Update Your Styles

The upcoming trends in design and architecture nowadays will not only limit to conventional minimalist vs. maximalist. Today designers and builders have combined their skills and now put on the newest perspective to approach design. Functional layouts and sustainable, economical materials are in.

1. Natural Stone

Have you noticed that concrete aesthetics and structures are re-emerging this time? We could be now entering the New Stone Age 2.0. Concrete stones domination is back!


You can now have more benefits using concrete designs in your aquatic leisure areas. Stone carved decks look like travertine cuttings or a smooth grey stained finish that looks modern and sleek. 

When you see concrete interiors among modern hotels and cafes, you can apply that design outdoors, like your pools.

natural stone pool deck

2. Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

stamped concrete pool deck

Stamped concrete remains in the limelight under the pool decking trends. Concrete pool stamping designs meet both aesthetic and economic functions.

Do not expect that this outdoor styled flooring will soon disappear on any property’s surface. Here are ways to update and style the stamped floors once again.


  • Random slate stamping design with pebble border
  • Grey stained stamped flooring
  • Aquatic shades of colored stamped concrete
  • Stamped concrete altering grass borders and aggregate finish concrete

3. Brick Pavers Pool Decks

Brick pavers are as durable as concrete. It is also because the material contains the same compounds that make up concrete flooring. The distinct feature of pavers is that they come in pieces like tiles.

Having these designs around the pools gives a rustic, natural aesthetic. The material also has an effective heat regulation. Also, the brick pieces take the appearance of a sandy surface.

This is also the material of your choice if you want effective slip resistance and function that goes well with its eccentric form.

pool with brick stone paver

4. Wood Deck Perimeter

wood pool deck

Wood decks perimeters are a material made of wood planks of the same size, and the pattern is laid parallel to its deck frame.


The wooden deck gives a seamless visual display yet speaks modern while keeping it classy. The decks look sleek and easy on the eye with their uniform linear patterns.


It is the material design to choose from if you are looking for a minimalist design. It’s perfect for a warm climate. So, beware of using wooden material in semi-tropical regions, and water may quicker damage the surface.

But if you still want to go for this type of design, you can use synthetic wood like the engineered composite wood decks. Or have a stamped concrete customized with a wooden plank design? 

You may want to learn about and search for wooden stamped concrete styles for your pool’s decks. This is why the stone age seems to resurface the look of every flooring.


While they remain a base material, you can innovate concrete floors into more adaptive aesthetics. Even if you got wood, brick, or even marble flooring as the preferred design, you could concretize them in your pool deckings with a much durable hardcore material, concrete.


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