Does your favorite leisure spot, the swimming pool, gives you a pool of problems? Concrete cracks and broken decks surface once the pool areas are not given proper attention. You can have the pros on the pool deck resurfacing Los Angeles to fix your poolside, or you can opt to do-it-yourself. Cracks in your concrete can crawl to larger areas. It will cause slipping and tripping. You want to avoid the risks before your loved ones or guest come diving into the waters!

To get you started, you need to have the basic knowledge of identifying “pool” issues. You can then store a handy pool repair kit for yourself if you need to fix the small problems. The most important is that you first know the signs of pool decking problems. What type of cracks or irregularities needs treatment from professionals? 

Before you dive into the necessary process, know first the causes of broken concrete pool decks.


There are three common causes of pool cracks and shifting surfaces. One is man-made, and the other is caused by natural occurrences. 

  • Heavy Use, Foot Traffic. Heavy use and high-traffic are normal, especially among commercial pools. Strenuous activities like playing around the pools, increases during summer vacations. These are why you need to watch out for and start paying attention to your pool decks’ condition. 
  • Weathering, Natural Phenomenon. Above-ground or in-ground pools are usually outdoors. They are exposed to heat, rain, and cold weather. When these extreme climates take turns, there is no way for the decks and the outdoor concrete to run away from weathering effects. You either need to constantly update the protective coatings of the concrete or schedule maintenance. Have a regular repair and a general repair once or twice a year. 
  • Soil Movement or Expansion. It is natural for the earth to move under your feet. That’s why only professional concrete installers can provide seamless pool decks and outdoor concrete installations. They know that such a phenomenon exists. So, they will carefully consider how the concrete layers should be appropriately placed. 
  • Faulty Installation. Another man-made cause of pool deck problems is a defective installation. If you identified this as the cause of your cracking and shifting decks, then your only solution will come from the experts alone. Why dare to fix this on your own when you know that previous installers bright the flaws?
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The Basic Processes of Pool Deck Repair

Repairs include sealing, filling, and lifting or also known as slab jacking. Among these needs the pros’ expert skills. Or, if you are on for some action, then you can have it done your-self. 

1- Concrete Sealing

If the pool decking loses appeal, you might only need to restore its natural beauty. Recoloring or resealing is a common fix for this type of issue. 

Thin-hair cracks don’t require you to pull out your savings. A swift application of concrete sealers will save you from long-term problems. 

2- Crack Filling

A basic and most beneficial process is crack filling. Before you apply for any heavy repair work, consider first to fill the cracks. In this step, you will also ensure that the existing concrete gets the treatment it needs. It saves you from costly replacement. 

3- Concrete Lifting

The last and final common pool deck repair is slab jacking. It’s the method to use when the pools’ decking starts shifting. The slabs sink down. This problem may not reveal cracks. But, this tells you that a faulty installation or a weak subsoil is existing below you. The solution is high-jacking the sinking slabs by lifting them to their former position, on level ground.

Even if you like working out your physique, lifting the concrete around the pool should never be your job. Leave this process to experts. 

The Bottom Line

In summary, repairing the pool’s decks can be fun and exciting. You get to hone new skills. And once you try doing repairs on your own, you could save resources. However, see to it that a specific type of damage does not need the experts. If you are not sure, it is wise for you to call the pros and save you cash. It also keeps you from hazardous swimming pool surroundings.


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