The spray texture flooring system is one of the most advanced techniques available today. The spray knockdown finish is the most suitable for pool decking. It has a distinct texture created by spraying the concrete coating mixture on the surface. 

The result is a highly resistant surface. The trowel finish is the most common among pool decks. Other surface areas such as walls and roofings can also get spray finish textured. Different styles include splatter and stomp.

What is the knockdown finish?

The knockdown finish for floors is inspired by trowelling the sprayed coating on the concrete floor. The mix is “knocked down” by the trowel after applied, Thus creating the trowelled pattern or texture. 

This particular texture not only provided a cool aesthetic. The pool deck also possessed a resistant and tough quality.

How is it achieved? And How long does it Last

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Cooling technique

The texture also helps keep the concrete surface cool to the touch for a long time. For swimming pools located in a scorching area, this decking system is the best option. 

Because the surface has corrugated patterns, the temperature is regulated. It does not spread the heat as the concrete warms. It helps air pass through the surface scarcely to keep the steps cool.

Durable Deck

This finishing technique is suitable for your pools because it will remain sturdy even if exposed to constant water. Do not get trapped by the scored texture. The concrete with knockdown pool deck finish does not crack, scale, or chip. The surface is actually an added protection as well. 

This type of finish provides a resistant property. It withstands extreme weather, massive impacts, and heavy foot traffic. 

A spray knockdown concrete finishing lasts with the same lifespan of concrete floors. It can live from 1o years up to 15 years or more. 

Adaptive Chic Design

With its distinct texture, a unique and cool aesthetic is also achieved. It spices up the look of bare, grey concrete. Designing the decks is not a hassle anymore. You can quickly possess a cool look and a long-lasting strength of a pool deck at the same time.

sanded slate pool deck stamped concrete

Make it Last!

Maintenance and proper installation are critical factors to preserve this precious concrete. Here are the factors to consider.

  • A well-prepared slab will assure that the spray finish will attach firmly to the surface. 
  • To achieve the right texture, the compounds mixed should also have the proper proportions.
  • Use the right tools when applying the finishing.
  • Have the experts apply the coating mix for the best results.

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