Perks of Having a Pool to Level Up Your Los Angeles Airbnb Property

Do you feel like you are losing grip of your commercial spaces? Why not try a different route by offering Airbnb? Then, take it a little step higher by leveling it up with an Airbnb pool area? Does it sound too lucrative for you? And the next concern you have in mind is it must be way beyond the budget you got right now.

Trying to take your business properties to another notch with a pool area is a lot of work. But, with the help of pool deck resurfacing in Los Angeles, you can revamp your pools in no time. Not only that, these teams of experts give you a job well done. They will also help you pick out the best trends today and help your business stay up-to-date.

Wait no further. Today’s list will show the perks of having an Airbnb property and leveling it up with the coolest pool ideas. Fresh trends and practical tips ahead!

Perks of Having a Pool for your Los Angeles Airbnb

Start by cementing what you know about Airbnb. These are vacation houses, bed space, units, or homesteads that you can post on an online marketplace. If someone from overseas wants to spend a vacation in your city or state, they can get in touch with you, and you can offer them that your place is for rent. It’s for Airbnb. 

Now that you got your place up for bids for vacation goers. You can add exciting ideas such as a pool area. Below take a peek at the perks of having pools in your Airbnb property.

  • Get your Airbnb listing higher. Chances are higher for you when you offer not only a palace for bed and breakfast with an airfare package to top it. But a pool to chill and relax as well. 

As you post your space online, and the client further browses photos of it, an image of a pool will make them click for more. So, add a pool now, and make your Airbnb listing standout.

  • Give a welcoming vibe. A waterscape adds a refreshing and calming vibe. Places that exude peace, calm, and quiet are a trend nowadays—the year that got everyone locked-down made staying at home a dreary experience. 

If you have a pool in your area, it naturally turns anyone’s mood light. The sight of clear water has a natural trigger of relief.

  • Garner plus points for “experience.”  Airbnb pool ideas give a client an experience like no other. Take note of that word. When you say Airbnb, people are often after that “experience.” 

With a mini pool around the place, you can maximize its potential and offer “service charges.” You can provide a host or a staff to pamper and serve the guest. Your next step is to find pool ideas for your Airbnb property.

Take a peek at how to level up your Airbnb property with these cool ideas that you can build around the deck of your swimming pools.

  • Mini swimming pool therapy
  • Boutique swimming pool
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Mini spa or massage area by the pool

Final Pool Tip

What if your Airbnb isn’t up to par with your competitors? If you have your space put up for rent online and got terrible reviews, do not bury yourself in dismay. Turn up your area with new ideas like a pool. Get a pool deck resurfacing. Once you fill those tiny cracks and gaps that reflect your service, then you can slowly get back on the top of the list and gain your ratings back!


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