Are Pavers or Concrete Better For Pool Decking?

Two materials are up against each other, fighting to be the best for swimming pools. So, which is better: pavers or concrete? Today’s article draws the line to define the best pool decking material.

pool with brick stone paver

What Does Pool Decking Need?

First, you need to ask what do you require your pool decks to have? Take a quick look at the list below. Here are essential features that a residential pool or a commercial pool decking Los Angeles should have.

  • Pool’s aesthetic appeal. 
  • Longevity and durability
  • Slip-resistance
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Overall safety. 
  • Repair and Maintenance

So, take note of these pool requirements. Then, keep them in mind as you choose which material you will use for the pool decks.

So now, with no more delay for the ultimate verdict! Here is a summary comparing the essential features of pavers and concrete for the pool decks. 

Comparison Summary: Pavers vs. Concrete

  • Pool deck pavers provide multiple shapes and colors to choose from.
  • Paver stone patterns can be shell stones, brick, travertine
  • Seamless and polished surface.
  • Decorative concrete pool deck patterns available such as stamping, staining, textured and sprayed finish.
Installation Requirement
  • Involves several steps, from the preparation of slabs to the installation of paver stones and finishing.
  • Requires excavation of the ground.
  • Concrete takes utmost 28 days to cure completely.
  • Concrete pouring takes simple quicks steps.
  • Slabs must be prepared for the concrete to adhere properly to the base slabs
Installation cost
  • $ 2 600 – $ 3 300
  • Labor cost: $6-$11 per square foot
  • $ 2000- $ 3000 per 100 square feet, in total for basic pool decks design
  • Labor cost: $5 – $6 per square foot
Repair and Maintenance
  • Pavers need manual weeding since gaps exist around the gaps between each paver stone piece.
  • Concrete pool decks require low maintenance, the surface is seamless so it’s easy to clean.
  • You only need a cloth and a simple cleaning solution to wash off the pool deck’s surface.

Pros and Cons: Pool deck Pavers Vs. Concrete Pool Decks

You can compare the materials better, for both, by looking at their pros and cons.


As always, safety first. Know which pool deck material is safer to use. 


Concrete pool decks are much safer around pools, especially if you love to have pool games while swimming. Why?

The seamless surface of the concrete decking allows someone to run and slide over the surface without hurting the toes. If you use materials that make gaps between the steps, it’s potential that someone will trip and accidentally fall over the water.


As mentioned above, pavers might be prone to accidents to children running and strolling around the pool. It does not offer a seamless surface to make stepping on the paver easy. Even with a concrete sealer to provide gloss and split resistance. The structure of the paper maybe not suitable for pool games and other fun activities.

stamped concrete pool deck brick pattern


With the right finish and pool deck sealer, both materials can give you excellent slip resistance.



Concrete is known for its superb slip-resistance. Even with using various pool deck coatings, the dense surface remains non-skid. 

The same goes with the pavers. These materials use a sealer to protect the surface and give it a glossy, non-skid surface. But even without the sealers, the paver’s natural texture offers it to be anti-slip. That is one beauty of providing thin lines between the stone pavers. 

At the same time, you can also achieve this type of texture and pattern by resurfacing the concrete. Stamped concrete pool decks allow one to create the look of pavers, bricks, stone, and slate. 


And finally, both materials may reduce their anti-slip features when the pool deck’s sealers faded. 

Compared to seamless concrete, pavers may prevent slip accidents better than concrete. However, if you got concrete around the pool, it will require you to refinish the decks. 

Your Ultimate Verdict

Now, you may choose the one right for you after weighing all factors. It will also help talk to a concrete contractor in Los Angeles to help you get a free estimate to see what will fit your overall expense. 


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