How Long Does Polished Concrete Last?

It’s 10 to 12 years! Yes! That is how long polished concrete lasts. 

But before you jump to a conclusion and finish the floors. Take a quick review of the essential factors below. Concrete polishing Los Angeles lasts a lifetime with proper care and when it is installed correctly.

Here are other essential FAQs to polishing the concrete.

  • Does the polished concrete require maintenance?
  • Is concrete polishing expensive?
  • Is the polished concrete durable?
  • Does concrete polishing make the floors slippery?

The Process: Making of Durable Polished Concrete

First, examine what makes the polished concrete durable. Then, take a deep look at how it is done.


There are two methods use for polishing concrete. The first one is mechanical polishing. The other one is grind and seal. So how do these two differ?

Mechanical Polishing

Usually, mechanical polishing makes the concrete floorings last up to 12 years. But this method is solely for indoor use. Therefore, polishing is efficient for use among home floor Los Angeles and indoor floors, in general. 

There is no rocket science to mechanical polishing. It is the purest form of concrete floor that is polished using a buffer until the surface shines. The result is seamless, neat dense concrete flooring.

Creating a seamless, polished surface is key to durable floors. The even surface itself is a natural feature that repels cracks. As a result, heavy objects falling on the floor will not easily crack the surface.


Grind and Seal

While mechanical polishing is solely for indoors. The grind and seal method is for outdoors and indoors as well. 

The grind seal method is also cheaper than the mechanical. This method uses a grinder to grind the flooring surface and prepare it for applying a topical sealer. 

The use of a sealer is what makes the polished, glossy appearance of the concrete. To compare further, the mechanical method achieves a natural shine. While grind and seal provide you with an artificial gloss with added protection, it is suitable for outdoor use.

In addition, the grind and seal method is a practical choice among 

Los Angeles commercial concrete. A hotel’s driveway or patio are spaces with high foot traffic. Providing artificial polishing is cost-efficient since these areas nonetheless require constant maintenance and polishing.


However, creating an artificial shine does not secure that the floors will last long as mechanical. Choosing grind and seal requires that you choose to use it wisely. Why use indoors when it lasts no longer than seven years?


It suits outdoor use since concrete floors in your patio, driveways, and pool decks will need constant maintenance.

Polished to Resist Slip

Do not mistake the polished appearance of the concrete flooring for a slippery surface. On the contrary, and here is a fact, mechanically polishing the floor’s surface automatically makes it slip-resistance. A typical choice for indoors, mechanically polished concrete will, however, get slippery when exposed to the presence of water.

Here is where you got a smarter move using the grind and seal method to polish your concrete p[ool decks, patio, and driveways. The sealer usually used under this polishing method contains epoxy coating. 

Local Concrete contractors Los Angeles often use epoxy as garage floor coatings. But now, with more advanced flooring tech, epoxy is added to be used for outdoor floor coatings.


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