2021 Pool Deck Coatings: The Best Review & Latest Buying Guide

Before your toes touch the water, your feet will step to the concrete pool decks. The concrete around the pool may sometimes be too hot to the touch. 

So, to aid in the scorching surface, various concrete pool deck coating becomes available. Pool deck coatings & overlays Los Angeles creates different layers that meet your specific needs.

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Pool Deck Coatings & 4 Finishing Options

Below are the different types of pool deck coating. Each one has a distinct feature that functions for a specific purpose.

1. Water-based Acrylic Paints

The most practical and overused pool deck coating is acrylic paint. The good thing about this type of pool deck coating is that it is versatile. Acrylic paint is safe and easy to use, particularly for those who cannot tell what kind of pool deck they’ve got. 


The best thing about acrylic paint is it has the fastest curing time. You won’t need to worry about water suddenly splashing on the coating after repair or refinishing. 


For temporary fixes, pool deck paint is your safe choice.

2. Epoxy Coatings

You can use epoxy for pool deck paints to enhance the surface’s slip resistance. Usually, a pool deck sealer contains epoxy with a base of acrylic coating. Epoxy tends to be brittle under the sun. Most pool areas are made to survive under extreme exposure to the sun. So acrylic helps the epoxy to be heat resistant when coating the outdoor concrete. Also, it leaves the surface glossy, like using Rust-Oleum epoxy for concrete floorings.

privacy panels

Here are more of the epoxy coating’s advantages for pool decks:

  • Super slip-resistance
  • Increase surface traction
  • Easy maintenance
  • Stain and damage resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fast coating
  • Repairs pool decks cracks 
  • Smooth finish to resist peeling and fading

3. Staining

Pool deck staining is one of the conventional concrete floor coatings. The staining process for pool decks is no different from that of the standard interior stained concrete. Ask your local team who does deck repair Los Angeles. Not all pool installers perform staining on the deck. But if you find one, it is worth it.

A pool deck coating specialists apply the stains as a pool deck sealer that enhances the concrete decking’s non-skid properties. Also, it gives vibrant colors to the surface. It makes the surrounding decks by the pool attractive that adds a fun and relaxing feel to every pool user.

Staining is the ideal choice for those who want to make the surfaces around the pool stand out from the environment. The staining also seals in the colors into the slabs. That way, the pool deck’s colors are vivid even under exposure to harmful heat of the sun or the pool water’s chemicals.

privacy panel for stamped concrete pool deck

4. Spray Knockdown Finish


The fourth and final option among popular pool deck coatings is the improved cool decking system. It’s the Knockdown Finish or Spray Knockdown Texture

This cooling deck is a type of textured concrete.

Here are the distinct advantages of using a spray knockdown finish.

  • Heat resistance keeps the concrete decks cool by absorbing less heat
  • Enhanced slip resistance, better than the classic brand Kool deck
  • The distinct texture that feels cool and looks cool, at the same time

Cost of Pool decks Coatings

So, have you made your choice from the options above? Now, know how much a cool deck coating is worth.

Pool decks Coatings: Summary Costs

Water-Based Acrylic

Epoxy Pool Paint

Spray Knock-down

Installation Cost per Gallon

$40 to $118

$30 to $119

$33 to $117


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