You may now be familiar with pool deck design and options learning for our last blog. And you have probably seen pool deck overlay as one of the best options as pool material.

a concrete pool deck

Now, check out more interesting facts you need to know about pool deck overlays. It is best to understand how to maximize its use if you plan to install overlays around the decks.

Pool Deck Overlay: What Is It and How it Works

  1. Multiple Designs
pool deck in a lawn

You may often see tiles when you visit swimming pools. But did you know that there are more ways to make steps going to the pool look fun and unique?

Overlays on concrete decks make it happen. Overlays are thin concrete layers installed over an existing deck. Various patterns are stamped or applied using stencils to create custom and standard designs as the concrete cures.

You can have natural stone patterns as bricks and slate for standard designs. Now, if you want customized designs, that’s possible too. You can have the stamped design of dolphins and other favorite marine species stamped on the decks. Imagination is the limit.

  1. Decks that do not heat
a backyard swimming pool

Yes! You got that right! There are outdoor materials that will not affect the sun’s scorching heat. How is this possible?

You can do that by installing a pool deck. The cooling deck consists of concrete overlays finished with an acrylic-based coating. The combination of concrete cement, epoxy grout, and acrylic coating makes a cool deck. Instead of absorbing the heat as most concrete materials do, the cool deck system repels the heat by sealing the process on the cement with a heat-resistant coating. 

You could apply an overlay of the cool decking if you got an existing concrete floor around the pool area.

  1. Combinations of Materials
concrete and wood pool deck

You are mistaken if you think that the decks are only made of single flooring material. More surprising is that you can combine multiple materials for your concrete overlays.

Here are styles and applications that you can combine with concrete overlays:

  • Pebbled finish
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Paver finish
  • Outdoor grass mats
  • Sand and gravel finish

The key in doing combined flooring materials is to set a base material. For example, you want to mix pavers, sand, and concrete. 

First, you could install a base flooring with plain polished concrete, then install the pavers on edge to serve as accenting frames and borders. Finally, you can lay a sanded flooring on a specific spot or along the path where the steps lead to the pol’s edge with cascading waters.

If you are curious and still want to learn more regarding pool deck overlays, you can contact your local pool deck contractors. They can educate you and even give you a quotation with the desired pool deck you have in mind.


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