Pool Decks after the Holidays: Resurfacing to Refresh the Look

a concrete pool deck

You’ve probably stumbled upon this post, hoping to figure out if pool decking contractors can help you revive the vibrant and fresh look of the pool decks. 

Well, you are in the right place! Read on. Today’s blog will focus on how you can revive the look and function of your swimming pool areas after the holidays season and have them ready for the summer.

Checking the Decks After Holidays

Here are the definitive reasons why you need to immediately have a quick maintenance routine on the concrete decks months right after the holidays. 

No Time for Cleaning the Outdoors

A legitimate reason for resurfacing and possible repairs to your pool decking after the celebrations is that you did not have ample time to do the chores. You might have been too focused on preparing for the holidays, fixing the guests’ homes, and forgetting about the outdoors.

Heavy Foot Traffic Messed Up the Backyards and Swimming Pool Areas

It is possible, too, that the outdoors were the ones that received the most attention. Over the holidays, the swimming area, the decks, and other parts such as the patios are where most people gather.


Winter in the Area Might Cause Major Flaws in the Concrete Pool Decks

The season of holidays also means the winter season. The snowy breeze affects humid regions like LA and OC. Due to a cooler climate, the swimming pool may be in hiding and not much in use. 

It is also when the concrete floors might contract and expand due to extreme weather changes. A crack and spalling would indeed appear in your LA pool decks.

Two Major Deck Repair After the Holidays

Few after holidays and the number of people decreased, clearly seeing the actual condition of the spaces in your properties. The first thing that might have caught your attention is these easy-to-detect flaws. There are two:

  • Spalling
  • Cracks
damaged pool deck

What To Do When You See These After-Holiday Damages?

It will not hurt if you get the help of professional concrete pool contractors to apply appropriate solutions to the features of your swimming facilities. 

The trick is to plan your routine pool decking maintenance around these seasons to maximize the time and come to your pool decks’ rescue ASAP. This way, you would avoid worrying about doubling your property maintenance and cleaning costs.


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