7 Fun-est Swimming Pool Games for Fun Family Time

Swimming pool games bring extra fun to the swimming area in your properties. Having a durable and beautiful concrete pool deck, you can maximize this spot for creating moments of joy by the pool. After you have applied anti-ski pool deck overlays, you are now sure to provide a safe pool decking around the swimming pool. 

Having safe and friendly cool decks, you can try out pool games to play with your friends, visitors, and family members. Also, if you have a commercial swimming pool, you can allow your guests to create various activities that involve pool water.

Today’s list gives you seven fun swimming pool games that kids, adults, groups, and individuals can play by the pool area.

Seven Pool Games to Enjoy In Your Concrete Pool Decks and Pool Area 

1. Toss a Treasure

One of the pool games that anyone can enjoy, kids or adults alike, is the dive for treasure game. It’s a great parent and child bonding. This game involves tossing a coin or a pebble that will sink at the concrete pool base. The parent will toss a coin or a treasure in the pool water. Then the children will dive to get it. 

Also, having the adult supervise the game, the children will undoubtedly be safe by having eyes on constant watch on them.

2. Floating Numbers

Hunt for floating numbers on the pool water. This game uses numbers cut out in foam materials for them to swim. The numbers are from one to ten, and the players need to collect each number via first come, first serve. Running after floating numbers works out your swimming strokes.

3. Tic Tac Toe 

With inflatable tic tac toes that you can buy in toy stores, you can now play this popular table game while swimming. It’s also another setting where adults and children can play together.

4. Underwater Race

The underwater race is a classic pool game. It never gets old. When swimming with friends is starting to bore you, challenge them for an aquatic race. See who’s the strongest by overcoming the water’s weight while aiming to be the winner of the race. This game is best for concrete pools. Unlike when you have tiles as the pool’s wall and flooring, the tiles’ pieces can get loose and hurt your feet.

5. Squirt Gun Race

Squirting water is sure a fun and exciting idea to have fun in the pool. You’ll need toy water-guns, plastic cups attached to strings, and strings connected across the pool for this game. You can tie it at both ends of the pool’s concrete decks. 

This game-winner is the first to make the cup cross the pool using the squirting water released by the toy water gun.

6. Sponge Ball

Here is something for DIY. You can create an alternative to toss a ring game. Instead of casting a ring loop to a player, you can DIY a sponge ball and use freebies or a DIY pan to catch the sponge. The players should make sure the sponge ball will not touch a tiny splash of water. You know how sponges become when they take a dip in the water.

7. Splash Dance

Splash dance is fun and straightforward. The sight of water splashes creates a giggle, especially to young ones. You do not need props for this. You only need your feet to dip and make splashes in the water as you sit by the poolside. To do this, your pool decks must have a cool decking with a knockdown finish so the concrete patio will not hurt your back and skin when you sit on the decks on the edge of the pool.

Ready To Have a Fun Pool Time?

You can create any activities in your pool for everyone to enjoy. The important thing is that fun must go with safety first. A concrete pool deck and pool resurfacing will only provide you a safe pool area if experts at pool overlays do the pool decking work for you. 


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