There is a more effective way to answer “how much does a pool deck resurfacing cost?” The only way for you to know is to plan and measure the requirements for a pool improvement. 

This blog helps you get to business quickly. Here are the things every pool owner must know before knowing the cost.

1. Planning & Preparation Costs

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concrete pool deck

2. Resurfacing Requirements

Requirements for a resurfacing depends on the following essential factors:

  • Labor Cost. Before you calculate how much you need to pay for resurfacing, consider first that design and materials are not the only ones to factor in. Labor and contract fees should be under your control. Concrete contractors are expert service providers, and they offer perfect results. Usually, your contractors will come with a team. When considering the labor costs, you must communicate well if subcontractors will go into the picture. 

Los Angeles Pool Deck contractors will offer you an honest and accurate contract. No untold subcontractor will ruin your plan. So, as a tip, only call and make a deal with a trusted team of licensed, bonded, and insured professionals.

  • Design. For your initial reference, a pool deck resurfacing cost will total around $300 minimum up to $500 at maximum. This is per square foot of a pool area. Depending on the design you are planning for. 

Concrete overlay and stamped concrete pool deck ideas dip at a $700 estimate. For more exquisite methods and techniques, the resurfacing cost can reach from $1200 to $2500. A more advanced pool decks system will make use of various pool decks coatings.

  • Contingency Cost. Will you ever need to worry about other fees, such as health insurance, substandard installation failures, and etc.? Well, if you take the tip mentioned above, you will not need to face frustrating contingency costs. 

What you need to know about contingencies is minimizing health risks within your properties and for your project laborers.

3. Post-Installation

Third on this list is where many fail to look into and consider. A post-installation requirement is essential for you to predict and prepare future expenses. 

A post-installation agreement between the client and the contractor or installer is beneficial—two reasons why. First, having a local contractor that you can rely on for repair and maintenance will save you a high cost for the clients. If a faulty installation emerges early on, they can offer you a free-charge of repair.


stamped concrete pool deck

Second, for the contractors, finding a loyal client increases profit. So, plan efficiently a pool decking project with them and communicate every detail. Be ready to offer future maintenance services, which you can present within an installation package.

Enjoyed reading about pool deck resurfacing cost? If you’re interested to know more, go ahead and check out our services like pool deck resurfacing or continue with our next blog on how long does a pool knockdown finish last.


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