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Life in Los Angeles and Orange County has never been better since the addition of swimming pools in every home. Well, this is unsurprising for most residential and commercial areas throughout California since outdoor swimming indeed a perfect way to relax, keep yourself chill in hot weather, and an absolute activity-for-all-seasons. Furthermore, one of the most prominent trends in outdoor projects nowadays is a decorative concrete pool deck — the ideal supplement to beautify your pool area and showcase your curb appeal.

To help you get the job flawlessly done, partner with Decorative Concrete Surfaces when dealing with all your pool deck resurfacing demands. Our company is fully licensed, bonded, warranted, and A+BBB rated. We are a tried and tested concrete contractor specializing in residential and commercial pool decks. We also take pride in our crew of competent and diligent professionals who are well-versed with modern knowledge and practical skills and are reliable and trustworthy. Our decades of actual practice and application in the pool decking industry aided us to polish our craftmanship and operate our up-to-date materials and equipment. We ensure high-caliber services and solutions that will turn any private or commercial swimming pool deck into a sensational sanctuary.


Around Los Angeles, outdoor swimming is one of the favorite activities for residents and guests, especially for gatherings and entertainment under the radiant climate. However, exposure from the sun can also do substantial damage to concrete surfaces by fading its color and causing the concrete to feel rugged.
Deciding to resurface your pool decks entail various selections as to color and design depends on your tastes and preferences. Besides, resurfacing enhances your exterior relaxation area and is undoubtedly worth every penny. Our services can remodel your outdoor pool and recreation space with a bizarre overlay. You will be astounded at how this coating and sealing change your worn-out cement into a new-look, slip-resistant surface. The distinctive touch is also more comfortable to walk on than an unresurfaced pool deck.

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Tourism is one of the most leading industries in Los Angeles CA. It entails the demand for excellent accommodations, and surely many guests prefer hotels that include a cozy pool when they are searching for a reliable place to stay.
So if you are in the same sector and need for decking services, worry not since Decorative Concrete Surfaces also caters to commercial concrete pool decks. We adhere to any company that needs pool deck resurfacing, refinishing, or restoration for the outdoor pool area or other concrete exteriors. Even if your affiliation is with hotels, fitness establishments, spas, resorts, or water parks, consider availing for our services for your pool decking necessities. Upgrading your commercial pool deck to a more appealing and welcoming oasis can attract more customers.


Practically, homeowners and entrepreneurs with pool areas are opting for alternatives to modernize their pool decks and ensure a slip-resistant pool area for everyone's safety. Pool deck coatings are a notable solution to revamp the mood and convenience of any pool expanse. Brought by the current trend of tourism, people are pitching to put a significant amount of time and money for home and industrial property improvements as a profitable investment.

If you are looking for a total-package pool deck and concrete resurfacing contractor that specializes in surface coating and overlaying, then we are your perfect partner. Some designs and textures include:

  • Pool deck Knockdown Texture
  • Stamped concrete overlay
  • Stenciled Concrete
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Brick and Ceramic Tiles
  • Flagstone
  • Rock-Salt Finished Concrete

Outdoor pool decks can suffer from persistent hot weather exposure, moisture, and toxic chemicals. These are just some factors that compromise the condition of the concrete surface, causing blemishes, fading of color, and mold formulation. Pool decks with visible surface flaws are proven to be an eyesore. A concrete sealer can safeguard the porous covering from potential moisture attack. Not only keeps the color of your deck in the natural condition, but it also restores its fresh new look and extends its lastingness. If your pool deck has deteriorated, discolored, or perhaps you want it just for a change, consider concrete refinishing or pool deck resealing.


Most pool enthusiasts consume more time on the pool than diving into the water. If you are considering a pool renovation or remodel, it is wise to choose a concrete pool deck that is enticing and offers a safe slip-free surface that is perfect for sunbathing, playing, and leisure.
There are various selections for decorative deck finishes and textures pertinent to your distinct pool decks. You can choose from flagstone, exotic aggregates, and several other options such as textured or stained concrete. The floor and tile encompassing your pool help to achieve the ambiance you are aiming for, so it is a vital choice for the comprehensive look and feels you are trying to pull off.

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Before starting any pool deck repair plan, the preeminent and most crucial step is to determine what caused the damage and then seek professional help for the best repair procedure for it. For the best outcomes, there might be a need to extract all damaged concrete and fill in visible cracks before commencing the rehabilitation.
Taking into account, if the concrete is still structurally stable, there are diverse methods you can fix your pool deck and save it from being unpleasant-looking. Depending on the status of the concrete and your resources, choices vary from a simplistic color enrichment to a cumulative pool deck resurfacing with a decorative overlay.

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There is nothing we root for more than to see contented pool owners savoring a more dazzling and more secured swimming pool deck. We value your properties as much as we give importance to ours. In need of a Los Angeles pool deck knockdown finish, deck coating, concrete resurfacing, pool deck remodeling, or a pool deck repair service? We’ve got it all for you!

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