Decorative Concrete Surfaces in Los Angeles CA is the company to call if you need a contractor for your commercial concrete pool deck. We service any business that needs commercial coating, pool deck resurfacing, refinishing, or repair for their outdoor pool deck area or other concrete surfaces. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and has an A+ BBB rating.

Even if your pool deck has been resurfaced before with another product, we can resurface your outdoor area with overlays that will make the space look brand new. Whether you’re representing hotels, fitness centers, schools, or water parks, you can be confident in calling us for your pool decking needs.

Whether people come to the L.A to visit family or friends, spend time in the sun at the fabulous beaches, or catch a glimpse of a famous movie star, tourism in L.A. is a major industry. Moreover, tourism brings the need for great accommodations, and many visitors look for hotels that have a pool when they’re looking for a place to stay. Making your commercial concrete pool deck look professional and up-to-date can be a deciding factor for many potential customers. This is where we can help!

What does commercial pool deck Los Angeles do for my Business?

Floors change the game for any space, room, or area. Whatever industry you are in, you’re sure to put aesthetics as high priority.

  • Salons & Spas. Build a relaxing atmosphere with beautiful cool tones that will complement the furniture and materials you have positioned in the room.
  • Resorts. Don’t let your customer’s come out without taking a memorable experience with them. With decorative concrete overlays over your decks, you’ll have that unique color and vibe that will surely be remembered.
  • Schools. High traffic from students using the pools may cause damages to your decks. Avoid any crack and stain and make them last for yours with quality pool deck coatings.
  • Public pools. Maintenance is key to getting the most out of your decks. Decide on investing and adding that durability that both you and your clients can enjoy.

Skip the hassle of too much maintenance, repair, and resealing! Get them coated and ready for any weight and stain it will face.


Benefits of Resurfacing for Commercial Pool Decks in Los Angeles

If you represent apartments or condominiums, you understand that maintaining a commercial pool deck Los Angeles for safety and appearance is very important.

  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Wide variety of paints and designs
  • Safe concrete overlays that are functional for your pool decks and a visibly pleasing entertainment area for your residents and guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete is the best pool deck material since it’s just right for it’s price. No need to spend on expensive natural stone nor high-maintenance wooden decks. Concrete pool decks with concrete coatings and overlays gives you long-lasting, slip-free, and mildew resistant decks.

How much does it cost to build a deck around a pool? A poured concrete pool deck costs about $6 to $10 per square foot. A 300 square-foot pool deck can cost you $2450 to $2600. Whatever concrete contractor you choose, make sure to check their previous projects and get them sealed with concrete coatings to create a moisture barrier.

A definite no. Composite decking is just a bad pool deck material. They will give you a headache because it is slippery and easily gets hot, to the point that some users have had blisters from stepping on them. What’s more, improper installation will cause mildew and stains to grow and rot the deck. Pool owners recommend stone, pavers, or concrete instead.

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