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Los Angeles concrete pool deck remodeling

Remodeling one’s home or business is a major project that can either excite or scare someone. Whether the renovation is for a single room or an entire home, the task can seem overwhelming. Calling a professional pool deck installer and asking for a quote for your pool deck renovation service will definitely help calm your fears as well as offer direction for the job.  The same idea holds true when it comes to needing a new look, a “cool deck renovation, ” or a pool deck resurfacing!

In the Los Angeles area, getting the concrete around your swimming pool deck remodeled can be rewarding. Our team at Decorative Concrete Surfaces is a company that knows all about concrete pool deck and resurfacing projects. We handle all commercial and residential pool deck remodeling plans and repair to service in a skilled manner. With way over 40 years of experience, we are very proud to hold an A+ with the Better Business Bureau rating.

Benefits of Pool deck Renovation & Remodeling

New Look

Needing a fresh look for your personal or commercial pools? Trying to make a new design appear good on your swimming pool? Mix it up with a pool deck and patio remodeling and pool deck renovation! While hosting a barbecue in the backyard under a pergola can make your outdoor spaces more enticing, you may add furniture like chairs and create a pleasant space for your visitors. You get form and function in one go! And let Decorative Concrete Surfaces do the work for you and be one of our satisfied customers! We have a full array of backyard renovations to choose from that will surely transform it into the yard oasis you've always dreamed of!


We can use concrete pool deck overlays and coatings to make the patio and pool deck resurfacing cost less. As the Los Angeles area residents and businesses understand the current economy, getting affordable service is very appealing. The cost can differ according to your preferences, and pool remodeling can save you money.


We can meet your needs if you're looking for several ideas of colors or design patterns suggestions to completely change the appearance of your pool deck area, patio, or backyard remodel. We install stamped concrete overlays, spray texture, cool decking, stained concrete, and more on both commercial and residential pool decks. By deciding on a template or stencil for brick, tile, and other patterns, your choices of designs and colors are magnificent! No matter the scope of your pool remodeling projects, you can always count on Decorative Concrete Surfaces for amazing value and quality.

Cover up any flaws

With pool deck construction and remodeling services, you can target those nasty stains and imperfections that just won’t go away and enjoy swimming in the ground pool during the hot summer months. Get a stamped concrete overlay to solve any minor problems with your pool deck. Get Stained concrete to cover up and beautify any discoloration on those decks.

Convinced that you need help with pool deck remodeling today? Let us guide you through your pool deck remodeling options and help you pick out the best choice to complement your home, business, and the surrounding outdoor areas. Our pool contractors who are experts in their craft offer the best quality pool deck renovation with the highest quality services and customer experiences.

Call our professional contractors today at (323) 319-5230 to find out more about the pros of your pool deck resurfacing or remodeling project. You can also email us at info@losangelespooldecking.com or fill out the “Request a Quote” form on our website. FREE ESTIMATE!

We also service Long Beach, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, Simi Valley, Orange County, and other surrounding areas. We also offer expert pool deck repair, refinishing, resurfacing, staining on concrete pool decks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to remodel a pool deck in Los Angeles.

The cost of remodeling a pool deck in Los Angeles can range from around $2,000 to upwards of $20,000 or more.


Decorative Concrete Surfaces serve both residential and commercial locations in the LA area. Do you want to know more about pool deck coatings? Give us a call. We will schedule a complimentary, non-obligatory consultation with you so you can explore possible options for swimming pool decks.
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