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Los Angeles pool deck repair

Many homeowners in the Los Angeles area have purchased their homes because of the swimming pool in the back yard. Not only is a pool a great addition to any property, but it also increases the overall value of the home. However, a lot of pool decks may be in need of repair coping or restoration. Whether you recently purchased a home in the LA vicinity or you’ve had a swimming pool for a while, Decorative Concrete Surfaces Inc. is a professional business that specializes in the maintenance of concrete pool decks.

As many homeowners know, concrete can have a tendency to crack, begin flaking, or get chipped in heavily used areas. We are a company that can reseal and resurface any “cool deck” that needs updating. You can be assured that you are calling on an experienced contractor with quality products and services for your concrete resurfacing services. We can install uneven swimming pool decks back to the attractive way they once appeared.  Also, don’t worry if you’ve had your deck area resurfaced before with another product. Utilizing acrylic spray texture, the experts will refinish your concrete at an affordable cost.  Moreover, you can choose from several paint colors and patterns to refresh your overall swimming pool area as part of your project design. 

Los Angeles Pool Decking Repair Options

When it comes to repairing your concrete pool decks, there are a number of installation options available that do not require invasive procedures or ripping out your concrete slabs. We believe any discolored and damaged surface can look great again with the right repair services. Repairs Los Angeles has extensive training in identifying concrete problems and carrying out the necessary patio and pool deck repairs. While you might be tempted to complete your resurfacing project as a DIY, it is advised that you hire a professional contractor. The contractor will bring in their years of knowledge and work experience in concrete repair to make sure that everything in the project is done to your expectations. 

  • Pool Deck Resurfacing  

Concrete cracks, spalling, flaking, and loose decorative tile are only some of the problems homeowners face. Luckily, Los Angeles pool deck resurfacing is an easy solution. Pool resurfacing can spice up your old pool deck without the hassle of tearing out the old concrete and pouring new. The process makes use of customizable coatings ranging from acrylic cement, epoxy coatings, and classic knockdown textures. Feel free to choose a color complementary to your walkways and landscapes. Try pool deck texture coatings in Los Angeles for an anti-skid & slip-resistant surface. Also, we maintain the beauty of your stone pool deck pavers with professional remodeling and repair. 

  • Pool Deck Refinishing

    For minor imperfections in your decks, refinishing is a great way to design a whole new look by repairing the discoloration and stains. Get rid of the eyesore with our high-quality acid-based and water-based stains. These are easy to customize to your liking and they will penetrate deep into the concrete to assure you the colors will last for a long. Moreover, your pool deck refinishing job has a wide range of color selections for you to consider.

Why get a Pool Decking Repair?

Although concrete lasts for a long time, it is not immune to wear and tear. If you’re skeptical about whether to take on a Los Angeles pool decking repair service for your renovation, check out these benefits that will surely make your money worth your budget.

  •  Ensure Quality Safety. Kids and adults alike love the water but leaving damaged concrete lying around can because of accidents and injuries to those unaware of it. Make sure you keep the space hazard-free by availing of a Los Angeles pool decking service as soon as possible.
  • Improve Aesthetics.  By selecting beautiful blues or warm tones, you can accent or complement the natural features of your garden landscapes or outdoor environment, making you the talk of the town. Be creative and choose the right patterns as well to have the best decorative deck in the area.
  • Improve Durability. Not only is it for show but adding an overlay and waterproofing the deck improves the longevity of the concrete to weather the traffic, water, and heat.
  • Keeps heat at bay. Sore feet from hot surfaces are just terrible things for your kids. You’re in luck because coating your surfaces helps with heat management and therefore, absorbs less heat. This is also important for your little kiddos who love running around the pool when taking a swim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Repair costs start at 3 dollars up to 8 or more per square foot. This depends on the damage your pool decks have because it may require different measures. Discoloration will require concrete stains while cracks can be covered with overlays and so on. Get a free quote to get a better estimate of your pool deck repair cost.

Small cracks or damage can be repaired with a simple process. We still recommend getting a professional with experience for a thorough process of pool deck repairs. 

  1. Remove loose pieces of concrete lying around. You can pick time out with a chisel.
    note: Be mindful of spalling this is a more severe concrete problem.
  2. Clear out any fall-out, dust, chips properly. 
  3. Pour in a quality filler into the cracks and spaces.
  4. Allow curing time for at least a day before exposing it to water or traffic. A sealer will also help it last longer.

Polyurea still stands as the best pool deck coating in town. It can be troweled or recreated with beautiful textures and patterns. You can expect it to complement your pool as well since it has an off-white color mimicking that of white sand beaches. It also manages heat efficiently compared to other pool decking options. As it is also found in garage floors and industrial areas, polyurea polyaspartic coatings take pride in it’s durability and low-maintenance so you can enjoy your pool decks for longer.

Cost-wise, DIY projects is a good idea but DIY pool deck resurfacing? We contractors don’t recommend it. For the most part, the proper equipment for a smooth job can’t be substituted with household tools. Technique also takes years to master so your deck may not come out the way you wanted it to from doing it the first time around. worst-case scenarios would be wrong application of coatings. It will come out unleveled, not well spread out, or even flaky from wrong preparation.

A sinking pool deck will need to be demolished and repoured unless you get a good concrete grinding team to level it down. For less damaged concrete decks, get concrete diamond grinding instead. 

Specialized epoxy can handle the heat pretty well on your pool decks. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of epoxy coating without worrying about your decks turning yellow. Only get it done by professional pool deck contractors since they’ll know what materials are best for you.

Los Angeles Pool Decking

With any home improvements service, homeowners realize that a little bit of investment can go a long way. Our repair solutions at pool deck Los Angeles, CA services can greatly improve the safety and appearance of any concrete surface. Whether you want to enjoy the results for your family and friends, or you’re looking to prepare your home for the real estate market, investing in the upkeep of your assets via commercial pool deck resurfacing will bring long term benefits. 


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