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Here at Decorative Concrete Surfaces, we can transform your outdoor pool, patio, and entertainment area with special overlays. Knockdown Texture is one of our services that uses a unique acrylic spray coating that will revitalize deck areas. Rather than a dull appearance, you’ll be amazed at how this coating changes old cement into a functional, slip-resistant surface. The special texture is also cooler to walk on than non-resurfaced concrete.

Outdoor entertainment and swimming are popular activities for Los Angeles residents and guests. With sunshine most of the year, people who live in Los Angeles often take advantage of the beautiful weather. On the other side, the sun can do some damage to concrete surfaces by dulling the deck and making the concrete feel rough. If your concrete pool deck needs resurfacing, calling our concrete company, Decorative Concrete Surfaces, and our team of experts in the service is your best choice. Working with one of our contractors for your concrete surfaces will allow you to receive a customized quote based on an estimated price per square foot.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

Pool deck resurfacing is a popular option for those looking to recreate their surfaces while improving the ability of the concrete to withstand the traffic and other elements. It comes in different forms depending on what you need for your decorative concrete resurfacing . 

Los Angeles pool deck texture coatings

Stamped concrete overlays with cool deck paint are never out of style because of their beautiful patterns and colors. Get that wooden or brick texture without needing to install the actual material. We make use of texture mats to press down the pattern on a thin layer of wet concrete.

Classic Knockdown Finish

This makes use of a micro-topping sprayed or splattered on the concrete pool deck and then knocked down using a trowel to get that classic smooth texture that does not aggravate your feet. It is no wonder why it is the first choice among many pool deck owners.

Polyurea Polyaspartic coatings

Commonly mentioned together with epoxy, this is a two-part component involving a resin and a catalyst. When combined, it creates a curing reaction and takes a day to harden. With its quick-drying feature, it is also popular for those in need of a quick refinishing.

Epoxy Coatings

Although these are used primarily for garages and basements, who said it can’t work with concrete pool decks? When mixed, this two-part component of resin and polyamine hardeners react and cross-link to form a durable and rigid plastic coating once it is fully cured. Many have experimented with its endless customization benefits and you can get your own too. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How to do a Do-it-yourself?

Step 1. Cleaning. A vital part of pool deck resurfacing is the cleaning process. A pressure washer may be used to take out stubborn residue sticking to the decks. Sweep the deck and use a vacuum to help the decks to dry faster. Give it a day to dry.


Step 2. Treatment & Repair. Deep stains may also surface once the concrete is wet and it will need some chemical treatments. Unleveled decks and previous sealers and paint must also be stripped off with abrasives or chemicals. We recommend not to take up any heavy equipment because these machines may do more harm than good without the proper experience to use them. For a safe and proper pool deck resurfacing, hire a pool deck contractor.

Step 3. Mixing & Application. Resurfacing is a broad term for the different applications and finishes that you can get. Choose from spray knockdown finish, exposed aggregate, and stamped concrete overlays for a beautiful and eye-catching pool deck.


How much does it cost to resurface Kool Deck?

A basic resurfacing job for a concrete pool deck will cost you around three to eight dollars per square foot. For Kool deck resurfacing specifically, this is patented by sundek and thus, will cost you a lot more.

What is the best material to use?

Concrete pool decks are relatively tougher and require little to no maintenance and it is one of the best solutions for your resurfacing needs. It is also cost-effective compared to stone but it can mimic stone patterns with a concrete stamp overlay. If you are worried about grey and dreary slabs, concrete pool decks are also customizable using concrete stains.

Can you use an Epoxy?

Specialized forms of epoxy can be applied to concrete pool decks for a skid-resistant and unique-looking pool. Everyone knows about epoxy’s long-lasting durability as well so there are hardly any drawbacks on this coating when done by professional contractors.

Benefits of Resurfacing a Pool Deck

Maximize the potential of your concrete pool decks by getting a Los Angeles pool deck coating installed! Reap the benefits short-term and long-term.

  • Having a Decorative surface. Concrete can transform into a work of art with great resurfacing techniques. Trust us to get that aesthetic you’ve always wanted.
  • Improve sustainability. The coatings will provide protection from stains, dents, and scratches from traffic or other elements that cause wear and tear.
  • Avoid Hazards. Resurfacing doubles as a repair option for any cracks and flaking. It will also be part of the procedure to prepare the surface by sealing any damage on the surface to get optimal results.
  • Save more. Don’t wait for further damage! By installing a coating on your pool decks, it helps you avoid constant repairs. Plus, our quality materials are assured to last for years on end!
  • Enjoy more. Worry less about hazards, cost, and damage! Skip the DIY project and enjoy it with your family and friends as we do the work for you! 
Los Angeles Pool Decking

Looking for “pool deck resurfacing near me” or “pool deck resurfacing companies near me”? When you decide to resurface your pool deck, there are many pool deck options for a different color or design. Like remodeling a room in your home, the designs you choose reflect your personal tastes. Moreover, resurfacing updates your outside entertainment area at the fraction of the cost to remodeling a room inside your home.



Whether your home or business is near the La Brea Tar Pits or within sight of the famous Hollywood sign, taking time to invest in your assets will bring years of enjoyment. Los Angeles has a lot to offer its tourists and residents, so making the best of your outdoor living area is a great choice. You’ll feel proud to invite family and friends over when you choose Decorative Concrete Surfaces to resurface your residential and commercial pools!


Take time now to contact us and get your free estimate at (323) 319-5230, fill out our “Request a Quote” form, or email us at info@losangelespooldecking.com. so you can enjoy your swimming pool area once again!


Decorative Concrete Surfaces serve both residential and commercial locations in the LA area. Do you want to know more about pool deck coatings? Give us a call. We will schedule a complimentary, non-obligatory consultation with you so you can explore possible options for swimming pool decks.
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