The Telltale Signs that Your Pool Needs Resurfacing (like ASAP)

Signs will tell you it’s time to refinish the pool. Knowing early on when it needs attention will help you save costs. So, how do you know if the pool needs resurfacing? Today’s blog will show your pool deckings’ common signs and conditions needing repair, refinishing, or upgrade. When you know these signs, will help you talk to a pool repair service and maintenance. So you have to know here are the four most common to any swimming pool.

1. Spalling

Peeling or flaking is typical in swimming pools. The plaster that is coating the pool linings, pool floor, and pool coping loses its grip on the concrete. This happens due to the harsh chemicals from the pool water. The chlorine reacts to the plaster. Sometimes this is called oxidation. When spalling occurs, it is a sign that pool owners need to resurface the pool decks. Spalling is damage caused by a chemical change on the pool surface, so there is no other way to repair it than to resurface your pool. An expert pool service provider can offer you a plaster pool surface.

2. Cracking

Concrete pool deck cracks are a severe sign of damage. If you see cracks, it sure tells you to have a pool resurfacing. You can call a local pool contractor. If you are not sure how to find one, there are online sources that can give you results for “pool deck resurfacing near me.” When you get in touch with a pool repair expert, it’s good to tell them if the creases are growing from tiny thin cracks. Or how the cracks look like.

Severe cracks will usually look like thin-hair-like patterns. You may see web-like creases or erosion marks. This tells you something is wrong with the pool ground substrates. Better talk to a professional pool contractor at once.

damaged pool deck

3. Rough Surface

Why does a rough surface tell you that you need concrete pool resurfacing? Pool deckings usually have smooth and slip-resistant surfaces. The smooth surface allows traction and water-repel action. So no foot will slip as water splashes on the deck. 

Then why does roughness occur? The roughness you found on the pool surface is a calcium deposit. The calcium compound formed due to the pool water chemicals reacting to the concrete. These look or feel gritty. That is why it’s rough. 

This tells you that the coating is disintegrating. The rough surface needs refinishing.

A rough swimming pool can give an outdated look, so refinish them at once. This is also true if you are providing your property for Airbnb. Adding small indoor pools is one great idea on how to improve your Airbnb property. So check and see if some rough pool decking surfaces loom around and refinish it.

4. Discoloration

The discoloration is due to many different problems. These include pool stains, rust, and chemical reactions to the pool plaster. It is daunting to see these stains because a small spot can be a big turnoff for pool users. A minor stain on a pool tile may come from soil residues, rotten leaves, or molds. But chemical stains will be tough to recover, especially if you have plaster discoloration.

Have Pool Resurfacing Needs?

Cracks, pool stains, and spalling are common pool damages. If not treated, more significant issues may come out that can cost you a lot at first sight. If you are near CA, a local pool expert in Los Angeles, CA, a commercial pool deck company, is ready to help you out with any pool decking needs.


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