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A small pool is one of those additions to a yard that instantly gives it that oomph, almost celebrity-home style. The fam can finally spend days off and weekend soaking in the sun while wading in the water without having to pay for entrance fees to a pool area. This one’s yours!

Still, you’re thinking about how you can resurface and design it to emphasize your home’s overall aesthetic. Here’s are easy tricks for small pool deck design ideas.

Best Small Pool Deck Design Ideas To Try Out 

1. Circular or Oval Deck

Your design doesn’t need to be a circle or an oval in the strictest sense. A pool deck that encircles your pool gives you a simple and no-fuss design. Plus, it acts as a border around the body of water in a very modish manner.

Plus, it can serve as a walkway, too, should you choose to build some width on the said border. Others even go so far as to create a separate space for an outdoor table and a few chairs. A lounging area, if you will, around to the pool. This is otherwise known as a Party Deck.

2. Partial Deck 

Unlike the first, where the boardwalk and sitting area equate to a larger width surrounding the pool, this one’s quite the “slimmer” type. And frequently, it only goes to about halfway around. If you’re thinking of a design that’s less high a cost, this one’s a choice you won’t regret.

3. Detached Deck

For a separate deck and sitting area that’s still within the bounds of the pool location, you can go for a Detached Deck. A Detached Deck will give you and the fam more room for sprawling on. Think open-roof patio but pool-style.

You’ll even be able to host more people for a pool gathering with this kind of set-up. Then again, it will also depend on the extra space you have in your yard.

4. Rocky Pool Deck

This time, you can up the elegance factor of your pool deck design with rocks. There are tons of rock types to choose from! The most common ones are Flagstone, Limestone, Travertine, Slate, etc. You can also opt to get a concrete pool deck overlay with a stone-like texture.

Upon selecting the rocks for this overhaul, check that they won’t be slippery, especially when drenched in water.

5. Overlooking the Pool

Here’s an idea that oozes luxury, and yet it might not cost as much as many mistakenly think. With wood or concrete with stamped wooden textures, it’s precisely what its name suggests – a deck that’s raised and is overlooking the pool. 

This is perfect for both wide and not-too-wide yards since the main objective of this build is elevation. A kind of elevated balcony that will offer a fantastic view of the pool and the sceneries beyond it. 

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