Homeowners in Los Angeles installing stamped concrete pool decks turn their plain leisure areas into a more sophisticated place for hang-outs. The patterns and designs showcase their thriving high-end taste for style. Anyone can upgrade their home and business properties with concrete stamping designs and achieve a look to match your taste.


The cityscape-inspired Los Angeles homes compliment a natural outdoor scheme for your pool deck designs. Stamped concrete patterns will make your ordinary backyard into a structure of beauty. Today, pool deck repair and resurfacing contractors will offer you a variety of pool concrete stamping designs. You can choose from many distinct textures, patterns, and colors available in the market today.


You can start today by getting to know the essential criteria for selecting stamped concrete designs as you plan your pool deck repair. Here is a list of popular stamped concrete pool deck patterns for Your Los Angeles Home.



ashlar slate stamped concrete pool deckTextures

Concrete textures can be coarse, like sand, slated with finely cut edges or heavy, for a stone-like surface including marble and granite patterns.

Ashlar Slate

Ashlar Cut Slate, Grand Ashlar, and Cyprus Fractured slate are popular choices for pool deck resurfacing. They have a subtle feel that looks stunning for a pool patio. They usually come in bluish or brownish colors.

Sanded Slate

The sanded texture gives a coarse pattern that mimics a sandy beachside. This concrete stamping is perfect for modern themed pools and houses to add a natural element to your home’s style.

Rough Stone and Heavy textures

Fracture Cyprus Slate, Limestone, and Marble stamped concrete resurfacing patterns have heavy textures. They have a natural stone-like cut that creating a traditional



stamped concrete pool deck brick patternPatterns

The concrete stamp patterns you can choose from include brick, cobblestone, random stone, the stone of Athens, limestones, marbles, and granite. These patterns provide you the earth element to your pool area.

Having these varieties of patterns, you can plan what complements your backyard if you want a more traditional style or a clean-cut, plain slated pool deck for a contemporary taste.

Brick and Cobble Stones

Brick patterns and cobblestones best represent a traditional design.

Stone of Athens, Ashlar, and Sanded Slate

These patterns have distinct appearances that match a more modern and contemporary home structure.



Colorsstamped concrete pool deck

The color tones of stained concrete after getting it stamped range from a cool, calming blue to warm, earthy colors, and neutral shades. These color schemes perfectly blend with the Los Angeles urban landscape and the southern lifestyle of the people.

Light Colors

Light color concrete stamping consists of neutral and stone grey schemes, and the adobe buff and beige colors. Greyish stamped concrete has a natural outdoor look and goes well with slate and heavy-stone textures and brick patterns.

Dark Colors

The deep brownish brick patterns and stony patterns usually come in dark terra cotta shade. It creates an earthy, nature scheme background to a contemporary pool deck design.

Bluish-Oceanic Colors

Create a tranquil scene on your pool deck with bluish stones like the most famous London cobblestone, Ashlar-cut slate, and random heavy-stone patterns. Bluish stamped concrete brings out a sense of elegance if a more sophisticated pool deck resurfacing satisfies your liking.

Enjoyed browsing through the stamped concrete options? If you haven’t made your mind up yet feel free to check through our gallery and be inspired by fellow pool owners. Read more with this blog about small pool design ideas for your backyard pools.


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