How to Make Your Pool Usable for the ENTIRE Year

A pool at home is a huge investment that makes life so much more enjoyable. So why limit its use to just one part of the year? Unbeknownst to most people, there are ways to make your pool functional and usable for the entire year.

So instead of using it only in the summer or spring, you’ll be able to use it all-year-round!

The Preparations for All Seasons

pool during winter

In the Winter

While the temperatures may seem like a huge obstacle to enjoying your pool in the wintertime, there are actually easy ways to combat it.
If you don’t like the feeling of swimming in very cold water, you can purchase a pool heater that will keep the water at a warm and comfortable temperature. But because the water can be breeding ground for bacteria and algae, it is important to keep an eye on the water quality of your pool, as the pH quality and chlorine levels will need to be taken care of.
Another tip to maintaining your pool in the winter is to make a habit of running the pool’s pump even when you’re not using the pool. This makes sure the pipes remain clean and clear and that the moving water will not freeze in the pool.

pool cleaning

In the Spring

Once spring rolls around, you are more able to enjoy your pools as the temperature rises. If you weren’t using your pool in the winter, you’ll want to make sure you clean the pool properly before using it again. That also includes treating and shocking your water to make sure it’s safe to swim in.
Another problem you may encounter when getting your pool ready for the spring is cracks in the pool deck from the winter. As temperatures fall and rise, concrete can often crack and leave your pool deck less attractive.
To fix this and give your pool deck a new look, contact a concrete contractor to perform a pool deck repair via resurfacing, which applies an overlay to your pool deck that can be redesigned and that can cover up your cracks.


In the Summer

Summertime is prime pool time! Make sure to make the most of your pool days with regular and proper maintenance. Cleaning your pool regularly should also become a habit.
If you’re worried about how hot your deck gets in the heat of the day, consider installing a classic knockdown finish to coat your pool decks. Its unique mottled texture is more heat resistant than other pool deck materials and it is a generally easy texture to apply.
Make sure to always test your pool’s temperature before getting in, and if the heat is too much, consider buying a cooler for the pool.

guy cleaning pool during fall

In the Fall

If you plan on using your pool throughout the pool, the care routine is the same as it is for the summer. But you’ll have to clean much more regularly if you have trees nearby as leaves and other organic debris may find its way to the water.
If you don’t plan on using it as much, fall back to the winter routine and stick to using its filter and pump regularly to make sure no bacteria breed in the water and to make sure everything is still working. But most importantly, have fun!

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